Will more SMEs need corporate recovery advice?

October 16, 2014

With the economy continuing to show signs of recovery, more SMEs are feeling confident about their future. However, this doesn’t mean they are all completely stable, as recent research shows that a growing number are exhibiting financial difficulties. Read more

Unpacking pre-packs – the new rules

September 11, 2014

For both politicians and the media, pre-packaged sales of businesses out of administration (or “pre-packs”) are often highly controversial, particularly when the sales are back to the directors or management of the failed enterprise. There is a perception that pre-packs are often abused by unscrupulous directors to simply “dump debts” and start afresh free of troublesome liabilities, and all for far less than the true value of the business.

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More retailers are requiring corporate recovery advice

August 26, 2014

New research published by the accountancy practice Wilkins Kennedy shows that retail insolvencies were at their highest level in 2013 for five years. The figures highlight that despite the economic recovery, the number of retailers falling into financial difficulties continues to grow. For the year to the end of March 2014, 1,287 retailers became insolvent.

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Sales are great… but cash is what matters

August 1, 2014

Even if you have the world’s greatest products or services, and even if you have the world’s greatest business model, your business will never succeed or be profitable if it doesn’t get paid for what it sells.

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Why seeking corporate recovery advice is the best move you could make

June 26, 2014

If you run a busy company then it can be easy to ignore the early signs that you may be in trouble financially. Debts tend to creep up on you quite slowly and unless you really have your eye on the ball it can be hard to identify potential problems. However, before you know it, things can take a very swift downwards spiral and from there on it can be very difficult to get back on top.

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