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22nd September 2020

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About us

As a company and as individuals, the guiding principles that we champion and uphold above all others are Professionalism, Integrity and Compassion. Reflected in our behaviour as much as our promises, they are much more than random wholesale labels. Holding ourselves accountable to them is just as crucial in measuring success as the firm’s balance sheet.

We help businesses, not for profits and individuals faced with financial difficulties to overcome those problems. Our services include business turnaround and restructuring, as well as formal insolvency procedures such as administration; liquidation; voluntary arrangements (CVAs, IVAs and PVAs); bankruptcy. We also provide insolvency and recovery services to credit controllers, lenders and local authorities, as well as expert witness support in relevant circumstances.

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The tri group approach

Calling on the services of a firm like ours inevitably means that there are serious problems to address, usually urgently. In summary:

We are committed to helping businesses with financial pressures to overcome those problems; we regard winding up as the last resort.

We’ll explain the process using clear, jargon-free language, and set out the issues that the client will need to address. We’ll support the client throughout the process.

An initial meeting will always be without charge or obligation. We do not charge clients for the privilege of explaining their problems to us.

Professionalism, Integrity and Compassion matter to us. We will always be driven by the need to provide the best possible advice, not to maximise our fees. We are interested in building long-term relationships with professional advisers.

When formal insolvency is unavoidable, we will help select the most appropriate procedure for the particular circumstances so as to achieve the most beneficial outcome for creditors, guarantors and other stakeholders.

We’ll spend time listening carefully and making sure that we fully understand the problems before we analyse the options.

Administration: Where we act as the insolvency practitioner, managing the business affairs of the company.

Voluntary Arrangement: Advising and drawing up a full or partial repayment agreement with creditors.

Receivership: Realisation and distribution of a company’s assets acting on behalf of secured creditors.

Voluntary Liquidation: Winding up the company when the Directors and shareholders have recognised its insolvency.

Compulsory Liquidation: Winding up the company which has defaulted when a court has decided it can no longer meet its obligations.

Dissolution: Handling the winding up of the company when it no longer has a trading future.

Refinance: Examining the options of seeking financial help and facilitating in order to continue trading.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA): An (IVA) avoids the stigma of bankruptcy and is a powerful tool in dealing with personal debts.

Bankruptcy: Filing for bankruptcy on behalf of an individual and assisting with formal negotiations with creditors.