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… that, according to the latest figures from The Money Charity, at the end of September 2013: Outstanding personal debt in the UK stood at £1,428,000,000,000; The average household owed £54,178 (including mortgages). Put another way, every adult in the UK owed £28,649;

Based on September 2013 trends, total interest on personal debt over a 12-month period would have been £59,600,000,000. In other words UK households pay an average of £2,262 in annual interest payments;

Government borrowing was increasing at the rate of £369,000,000 per day – or £4,272 per second.

Every day in the UK:

285 people are declared insolvent – become bankrupt, obtain a debt relief order or enter an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) – that’s one person every 5 minutes 3 seconds;

84 properties are repossessed – one property every 17 minutes 4 seconds;

Citizens Advice Bureaux in England and Wales deal with 7,420 new debt problems;

Banks and building societies write off £7,610,000 of loans to individuals.

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