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Rather than send Christmas cards, each year tri group (formerly Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery) makes donations to charity. This year, all members of the team were asked to nominate the charities which we will support.

Given the clear and well-established link between debt and health problems, particularly mental health issues, we felt that it would be particularly appropriate to support MIND, the mental health charity.

Graham Down, managing director of tri group, said: “Sadly, mental illness still carries a great deal of social stigma, and seems neither to be taken seriously by society nor given the priority it deserves by the health services. Charities like MIND are all the more vital because of this.

“We will also be continuing our longstanding support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in their attempts to find a cure for type 1 diabetes, which is caused by problems with the immune system and not linked in any way to lifestyle factors.

“We’ll also be rooting for Amelia Lily on the X Factor. Amelia, who has type 1 diabetes and has spoken openly about the condition, will be an inspiration to other children and young people living with it, and perhaps help them achieve their dreams.”