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The recession may have officially ended some time ago, but the UK’s economic recovery is stuttering at best, and some pundits are even speculating that a “double-dip” is not inconceivable. So professionals who are not called upon to advise clients in financial difficulties and facing the prospect of insolvency are likely to be few and far between. Consequently they will need to be alert to the pitfalls that their clients need to avoid if they are to steer clear of sanctions.

With that in mind we’re organising a series of FREE breakfast seminars at which speakers from Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery will explore some of the issues which can arise in an investigaation into an insolvent company. We’re delighted to be joined by Emma Davy, a solicitor specialising in insolvency and a Deputy District Judge.

The seminars will be held at:

BRISTOL – 30 September 2011

CHELTENHAM – 7 October 2011

BOURNEMOUTH – 14 October 2011

To reserve your place, please contact Alison Manning on 0330 1000 371 or by e-mail at