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tri group (formerly Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery) is a leading firm of business recovery and insolvency practitioners. We aim to help financially distressed businesses find effective solutions to their financial difficulties. We maintain high standards of integrity, professionalism and service, as standard.

We recognise that financial difficulties often bring a large degree of emotional turmoil for all parties involved, and so we always act with empathy and understanding. We aim to offer straightforward options, realistic solutions and always endeavor to simplify technical matters. Our expert teams are based in nine locations: Bristol, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Chichester, Exeter, Haslemere, Shrewsbury, Thornbury, and Witney.

Due to the economic downturn of the past few years, more and more businesses have been coming to us for corporate recovery advice. One of the growing areas of concern has been the inability of many companies to meet tax payments from HMRC, either VAT, PAYE or NIC. It is always a huge worry if these payments cannot be met and puts a huge strain on businesses and their owners.

If your business has tax problems, like arrears of PAYE and VAT then the company is probably either insolvent or close to insolvency. You must act to do something about these problems in order to ensure your company recovers.

If you have not managed to pay PAYE and NIC deductions to HM Revenue & Customs, it is considered a serious offence; essentially as it is tax payer’s money that is viewed as being withheld. It may be that the money has been deducted and gone on to pay other debts; this however does make it fine.

What are the available options if I have not met TAX payments?
1.    Ask for time to pay the debt. In the current recession HMRC has a Business Payment Support Service introduced by the Government in 2008. It states that all SME’s with cash flow issues should be able to get a ‘time to pay’ arrangement with HMRC.
2.    You could consider a company voluntary arrangement.
3.    An administration solution may protect the company from aggressive legal action from HMRC.
4.    Finally, can you introduce more money into the company to pay the tax debts?
Burton Sweet Corporate Recovery has the experience to help you with any of the above options.

Non payment of any form of tax is a failure to comply with tax legislation and also signifies publicly and loud and clear to HMRC that the company is insolvent. So, you need to act properly and responsibly and deal with this serious threat to your company. The tri group team has vast experience in providing discrete tax related corporate recovery, with a successful track record in handling even the most complex assignments. We guarantee there is way out, get in touch today, don’t put it off until tomorrow – contact us now.