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In January 2011 Andy Carroll was transferred from Newcastle United to Liverpool for £35 million, and in the process became the most expensive British player in footballing history, and the eighth-most expensive player worldwide. Yet it has now come to light that Carroll’s ex-agent was depending on a percentage of the transfer fee in order to help him remain solvent.

It’s emerged in the High Court that Peter Harrison, the agent in question whose previous clients included Brazilian football star, Rivaldo, is reported to have debts of £1.9 million. He is currently in the midst of a legal battle with former Newcastle boss and current West Ham manager Sam Allardyce, and it’s been disclosed that Harrison was relying on a slice of Andy Carroll’s transfer deal. He is attempting to come to an agreement with his creditors after leaving a meeting with the player and the Football Association earlier this year, empty-handed.

Harrison’s problems have emerged from a £300,000 loan made by Allardyce to him and ex-Australia captain Lucas Neill whom he represented in 2005. The pair planned to use the money in order to purchase a dilapidated farm and convert it into 14 new homes, paying back £600,000 in total. In 2009 the court ordered Harrison and Neill to repay £752,000. Currently Harrison disputes this as he claims to have paid back the original sum and therefore actually owes much less. It was also revealed in the current court case that he told his creditors that he would be able to give them their money back once he had his commission from Andy Carrolls’ sale. And FA attribution meeting meant that he did not receive any money he is therefore now in the process of agreeing an IVA to avoid bankruptcy. If an agreement cannot be reached with his creditors to pay back 28.5p in every pound, then Harrison is likely to be made bankrupt, which means that he would not be able to operate as a football agent based on the game’s current rules.

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